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About Regunecol

At Regunecol, we care about the story etched on your skin. Our tattoo gel cream is formulated using ingredients that not only protect your tattoo but also keep your skin healthy. Trust us to keep your art vibrant and fresh.

 Regunecol ® Tattoo CICA Gel Cream

Experience theDifferencethat We Provide

Skin Irritation

Our cream soothes irritated skin, offering instant relief from any discomfort post tattooing.

Tattoo Care

Gentle yet potent, our cream forms the perfect protective layer for your new tattoo, aiding in faster care.

Colour Enhancement

The Regunecol cream enriches the colours of your tattoo, making it as good as new.

Long-lasting Moisture

Carefully crafted formula ensures your skin is hydrated over prolonged periods.

Why Choose Regunecol?

Putting a paramount importance on skin health and tattoo care, we have created a product that caters to the challenges of owning a tattoo. Our cream not only nourishes the skin but also ensures the longevity of your tattoo.

  • Empowered with caring properties, our cream alleviates skin irritation post tattooing.
  • Our uniquely formulated tattoo cream forms a protective barrier that aids in faster caring.
  • The regular use of our cream keeps your tattoo vibrant, enhancing its colours and definition.

Choosing Regunecol means choosing a healthier, more radiant tattoo. Let us enhance your artistry with our exceptional products.

Quality Care

Our Portfolio

We believe in delivering products that cater to our customers' diverse needs.

Relief Cream

Expertly formulated to provide immediate relief to newly tattooed skin.

Tattoo Guard

A blend that creates a protective shield for your tattoo, aiding in its caring process.

Colour Enhancer

Specially crafted cream to enrich the vibrance of your tattoo colours.

Tattoo Gel Cream

What Our Artists Say

"Regunecol has revolutionized the tattoo aftercare market. It's my go-to recommendation for all my clients."

Jane Doe. - Professional Tattoo Artist


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Regunecol tattoo gel cream

Make your tattoo perfect

Skin Irritation and Tattoo Care


  • For best results apply  2 times a day
  • Only a small amount required
  • For external use only
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • Always follow the advice of your tattoo artist
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