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The security of your personal data is ensured by DNC Pharma İlaç, which operates the website (“Site”).
It is very important for the Industry and Trade Limited Company (“Company” or “DNC PHARMA”). Visit the site
What information we collect from you who register as a user or how we process this information
We would like to explain what we protect with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is based on Personal Information No. 6698.
It has been prepared in accordance with the Data Protection Law (“Law”).

DNC PHARMA, as the data controller, determines the purposes and methods of processing your personal data.
and is responsible for establishing and managing the data recording system.

This Privacy Policy covers the ways in which we collect, store and use your personal data on the Site.
It describes as. In addition to this Privacy Policy, for each process in which your personal data is processed
We also recommend you to read the informative/clarification texts we have prepared. This Privacy
If there is any change in our policy, we will keep you informed by updating it on this page.
We will. This Privacy Policy is located on our home page. On every page where your personal data is requested
There are relevant information/clarification texts.
"Personal data/s" The term means any information that identifies or identifies you.

1. Purpose and Legal Reason for Processing Personal Data
Your personal data will be processed by DNC PHARMA, the data controller, in accordance with the Law, as follows:
It is processed in line with the purposes and legal justifications.

Legal Reason Processing Purposes
Situations where data processing is necessary, provided that it is not contrary to the justified interests of the data controller

To enable you to access our website/information on our website,
Collect information about how you use and interact with our website; like this
To increase and improve user experience, site content and performance,
Situations where data processing is mandatory for the establishment, exercise or defense of a right
To identify suspicious/unlawful activities during access and use of the website; This 
To protect the rights of our Company within this scope,
To defend and exercise our rights and carry out legal proceedings in case of a possible dispute.
Processing of personal data to fulfill our legal obligations

Information that authorized institutions or organizations request from our Company or that we are required to notify to these institutions
to fulfill our legal obligations in such cases (for example, to
sharing of information requested by a public institution regarding a transaction).

2. Parties to whom Personal Data is Transferred and Purpose of Transfer
Your personal data is processed as stated in the "Purposes and Legal Reasons for Processing of Your Personal Data" section.
It may be shared with our service providers within the framework of purposes and legal reasons. Your data is legal
In case of necessity (for example, communication with judicial authorities as a result of a dispute), the authorized person
It can also be presented to institutions and organizations. Sharing your personal data with third parties is pursuant to Article 8 of the Law.
It is carried out in accordance with Articles 9 and 9.

Your personal data will not be transferred to third parties other than those described in this Privacy Policy,
will not be announced or disclosed in any other way.

3. Collection Method and Legal Reason for Personal Data
Your personal data that we collect electronically through our site is stated in Article 1 of the Privacy Policy.
It is processed in accordance with the specified purposes and personal data processing conditions. of your data
legal basis for collection, whether data processing is in accordance with our legitimate interests, a right
Data processing is necessary for the establishment, use or defense of legal
Data processing is mandatory to fulfill our obligations.

This site uses small text files called "cookies". Cookies through your browser
is saved to your hard disk. When you visit our site again (depending on the duration of the cookie), your browser
will send back to us the recorded information (such as your language choice or website settings).
You can find detailed information about our use of cookies in the Cookie Policy.

4. Rights of the Data Owner Relevant Persons Listed in Article 11 of the Law
According to Article 11 of the Law, you can exercise the following rights regarding your personal data:

Learning the existence and content of your personal data,
Questioning the purposes for which your personal data is processed and their suitability,
Knowing the recipients to whom your personal data is transferred at home or abroad,
If your personal data has been processed incorrectly or incompletely, we will have it corrected and
Request that the action taken in this regard be announced to the recipients to whom your personal data is transferred,
If the reasons for processing your personal data cease, your personal data
deletion or destruction and the personal and personal nature of the action taken in this regard.
​If your personal data is analyzed through automatic systems and a result arises against you
do not oppose it,
To be compensated for your damages arising from the unlawful processing of your personal data.
don't want
In order to exercise their rights specified in Article 11 of the Law, data subject persons may access the data in our systems.
Protection of personal data with registered e-mail addresses
They can apply. Data subject persons, also about the Procedures and Principles of Application to the Data Controller
They can also apply using other methods specified in the Communiqué. DNC PHARMA, incoming
It will review and finalize the applications within 30 (thirty) days.

5. Security and Privacy
The protection and privacy of your personal data is very important to us. Therefore, secure data networks and
Secure your data using industry-recognized firewall and data protection systems
We take it under. During the processing of your personal data, your information may be lost, malicious
use, disclosure, alteration, destruction; unauthorized access to this information
We take reasonable measures to prevent it. However, DNC PHARMA, to protect personal data
takes reasonable measures in accordance with established procedures and standards and uses these measures technologically
Although it is updated according to developments, it is possible to bypass security measures on the internet.
or cannot provide an absolute security guarantee against people who want to damage this data.

6. Links to Other Sites
The Privacy Policy specific to this site applies to other websites not owned by DNC PHARMA.
not applicable. However, visitors/users can benefit from our website.
There may be links to other websites we consider. Sites we link to
We take care to have reliable websites. However, this is the case on the internet we provide links to.
We undertake that the sites are secure or comply with privacy standards, or
It does not mean that the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are also valid on those sites. For this reason
We do not provide any information to visitors/users regarding the security and content of the websites we link to.
We do not offer warranty. For this reason, when you enter another page from this website, your personal
We recommend that you read the privacy policy of the relevant site before sharing your identifying information.

7. About Children's Access
This site is not suitable for children or individuals under 18 years of age. Respecting children's privacy
We do not share the information of individuals under the age of 18 without the written consent of their legal guardians.
We do not collect or use it for any purpose. Legal guardians review information provided by their children
and/or request deletion.

Parents must communicate with their children regarding internet use and information provided to websites.
We recommend that you install it.

8. Contact

If you have any problems, questions or ideas, please contact us via one of the channels below.

Data Controller
DNC PHARMA Türk Kimya San. Ltd. Ltd.

DNC Pharma Pharmaceutical Industry and Trade Limited Company
Küçük Çamlıca, Şekerkaya Sk. Atlas Villas no 20A, 34696 Üsküdar/İstanbul

Phone: +90 (216) 639 01 32 - 33
Fax : +90 (216) 639 01 34

9. Changes to the Privacy Policy
This “Privacy Policy” covers any changes that may occur in our services regarding data protection.
When deemed necessary, to notify, provide new services and fulfill legal obligations
can be updated.
Last Updated Date: 22/01/2024

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